Wednesday, August 31, 2011

1st Day Of School.

Wow were my boys excited to start school. I think the last couple weeks of summer were a little rough for them. They were pretty much at each others throats and ready for some kind of schedule and entertainment. Haha I am not sure if this is the entertainment they had in mind, but I sure like it. I was really nervous for Boston to be in school all day and even today (the first day I am actually home and not sleeping while he is at school) I find myself thinking about him every second. I am sure he is doing great. He really liked the first day. Tayden was super excited to be starting preschool as well.
Funny side story: I took Tayden to his orientation to see his class and meet his teacher. She asked him to pick his favorite color out of a little group of crayons ( I still haven't been able to get him to learn his colors. At this point I don't know if he is yanking my chain or really doesn't know them. The only color he knows is orange. I am wondering when I should start questioning if he is color blind.) He picked brown of all colors. Haha, I could tell his teacher was a little surprised and she kind of questioned the choice, but he just looked at me like, "I don't know...whatever..." Then she had him pick out of some colorful ribbon ties for something else and he picked black. Seriously funny. Again I don't know if I should be worried or not.
Anyway his teacher sends home these "ask me about" cards that have a topic or letter that they went over in class that day. The first day he came home with one that had the letter U on the back. When I asked him what letter he learned about he said, "T, T, T..." hahaha I was like, "are you sure? " He was like, "that's what my teacher said..." I thought it was really funny. Maybe she was trying to show him that his name started with T and that's what really stuck. I don't know. The boy is so funny. I hope he does well and listens...and learns what he needs to. :)
Anyway here are some pictures from their first day of school.

1st Grader.



Kai wanted in on the pictures....
Yeah...for like two seconds....

I am really going to miss my boys...but I think they are really going to love school. At least I hope!

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Nelson's said...

Aww they are growing up so fast! Tayden looks so much older i dont know if its because he is starting preschool or what! The boys are so cute i just want to squeeze them! Did you cry and shed some tears or what? I almost did looking at the pictures haha!