Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer Season.

We have been wanting to put Boston in Soccer for a while now, but we thought he was probably still a little young and we really didn't have the money. We decided that since he was starting full time school that if we could set the money aside that we would let him play soccer this fall. He started practice last week and is doing pretty good figuring out how the game is supposed to be played. More importantly I think he is having fun. I have had a few frustrations with the coach, but that's another story. Anyway, he had his first game this morning. It was so fun to watch him get in there and play. I really didn't want it to end! They lost 5-1, but I think this is a pretty new team of new players so it may take them a while to get the hang of it. Even though they lost I still think they had a good time and a positive experience. I will note that I am that annoying mother on the sides yelling at her son to "go get the ball..." or "get up there, shoot it!" But honestly...if I didn't say anything to Boston or yell to him he wouldn't get any direction from anyone else. It was that way in practice I said...I am not sure how I feel about the coach yet. The first time they actually got to scrimmage and play at practice it was like no one was telling him what he was supposed to do. He doesn't know! He's never played! So it was a little frustrating to see him look so lost at first. I am sure his coach just loves me ;)

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