Thursday, October 27, 2011

Catching Up...

I feel like I have a crap load to catch up on....but my life has been so crazy busy this month with Jared being gone that I haven't had the time (or energy ) to get it done. So this might be a really long and all over the place kind of post.

Parent teacher conferences.

Boston- went totally great. Everything you want to hear as a parent basically. Boston is a pleasure to have in class and a great leader. Always on task and doing what he's supposed to. He is excelling wonderfully. He is reading like crazy ( I am so impressed with how he has picked up reading) and doing great in math. I am so happy with this report. His teacher says she absolutely loves having Boston as a student! I am so proud of him and how hard he is working. The only thing she said he could work on is his hand writing. :)

Boston has really been missing his dad. Last night he had a break down and told me he missed his dad, was sad that he lost his bracelet, and was really lonely. So I let him come sleep in my bed with me. This morning he got up and remembered it was hat day and wanted to wear one of Jared's hat's so he "could be cool like dad." So cute.

Tayden- was really great as well. He is right on track with his age as far as letters recognition go and sight words. He is doing really well with numbers (must be something he excels at or really likes) because he can count pretty high and can recognize a lot of the numbers as well. He pays attention in class and gets along with every one. He is a pleasure to have in class. His teacher did bring up the fact that he doesn't know his colors and she actually thinks he might be color blind as well. He can consistently recognize orange, but everything else he usually says blue or he doesn't know. She said he also has started saying, "it's light, or light blue.." haha that's a new one. So I am wondering if he needs to be really tested. Not that it's a big deal that he doesn't know his colors or that he is color blind because it isn't, but as they get older they do a lot of sorting or grouping by color or patterns with colors (even in elementary school) and his teacher mentioned she wouldn't ever want him to feel stupid or loose confidence in his abilities because he just can't see the difference in the colors. So if he were color blind it would be really important that his future teachers know. So we may need to have that checked out.

Tayden has been way into playing games on my phone and asking for new ones. I always tell him they cost money cause I just don't want any more games on my phone and the other day he walked in with my phone trying to stick a penny in the bottom of it and said, "mom can you help me get this money in your phone so I can pay for a new game?" Seriously funny.

The other days the boys went out and jumped on the trampoline in the rain. Normally I am way to OCD to let them do this, but it was one of those days that I just didn't care. They LOVED it.

This is classic Tayden....I know we have seen this face many times. The kid cracks me up.

Yesterday was my switch over day and I was trying to get the house cleaned up and I hadn't gotten Kai dressed or ready yet. He was walking around in his diaper and a onesie. Next thing I know Tayden comes into my room and tells me that "something happened." That is never a good thing. I walked out and saw thisAnd then walked a little further and saw Kai standing there with his onesie still on looking rather suspicious. Ok Houdini, how in the world did he get his diaper off with his onesie still on? Then I walk down the hallway and see POOP all over the place! None made it in his onesie! It was all over the stone floor! What the heck? Seriously that takes skill. What made it worse is that it totally blended into the floor so I couldn't tell where it was at! Luckily there was only one little spot he had gotten on the carpet.

Sick can you see it? I know totally gross to be posting a picture! Hahaha

Kai is a monster and thinks he owns the place. WWF wrestling is a regular event in our home. He LOVES to wrestle. And he fights dirty. :)

I guess that's all for now. The count down is on and I can't wait for Jared to be home. We have been missing him like CRAZY!!

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Samantha said...

I love that poop picture. haha. Josi has totally been taking off her diaper lately and it's driving me nuts! And Myca- your husband is almost home. Hang in there. You are doing it.