Friday, March 02, 2012


We had been wanting to get up to Seattle for quite some time. We were actually planning on taking the kids there for spring break, but found out that Kristen was due with her second baby during that time, and we just couldn't do that to her. Haha. The past couple years that we have been able to see Kristen and Nick it was because they have come here. We knew we just needed to make it happen. So we planned a last minute trip up to Seattle to see them. We went during the week so we left the boys with mom who LIVES HERE NOW. So crazy. My parents moved to Boise and I couldn't be more excited about it. Anyway that is another story.
Most of the time was spent just hanging out, eating, and catching up...but this time we actually went out too and spend some time in Seattle. It was so much fun. We went down to the market and made our way from place to place sharing a little something to eat at each different place. It was so fun. Then we did a little window shopping while we waited for Kristen and Parker to meet up with us. Once we met up with them we rode the monorail to the Space needle and walked around down there before we headed home. We had perfect weather that day and totally lucked out. We grabbed some cupcakes from a cute little shop on the way know I love me some cupcakes. :)
That night we went to a movie and dinner at the Cinnebarre. It's where they actually serve you dinner in the theater. It was 5 dollar Tuesday for the movie which is a sweet deal for the movie...but the food was not cheap...and it wasn't great basically that's where they make their money. haha. Still a really fun experience though. We saw Acts of Valor. It was so good. The last day we got up to run some more errands before we had to go and with was snowing....hard. So at one point during the day they closed Snowqualmie pass. We waited for it to open back up before we even headed home. Long story, short...we didn't leave till 7:00 in the evening and the pass was SO BAD. Once we got through there it wasn't too bad though. We didn't get home till 4:00 in the morning. Yikes.
We had a great time. We love Nick and Kristen (and little Parker boy) so much. I wish I could have taken the boys with us, but it was really nice to get some one on one time with Jared. I was so happy to see the boys when we got home. I really missed them.

Here is our day down at the market walking around....

This is a horrible picture, but it has both of us. :)

Window shopping....


The damage...haha.


Our drive blizzard. I hate driving in this kind of weather!

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Anna Beal said...

So Fun!!! And how exciting that your parents moved here. I totally want to hear the story.