Monday, April 16, 2012

Phone Pictures.

Kai is really loving baby Broden. He is super fascinated by him. Lately he really likes holding him. You have to really watch him though cause he can be a little rough. He will be sitting there holding him so gently and cute and then out of no where he will give him a squeeze....a little too tight. haha He is funny to watch with a baby. I am not so sure we could handle having another little one right now. Kai is just way too crazy and too much work at the moment! Haha so we will just love on Broden for now!

Don't worry we are cutting his hair THIS WEEK. It is driving me crazy!

Oh...that little face. So very deceiving. Haha.

In other random news, it seems as though my middle child has become quite the racist. Ok not really, but he says the funniest things the worst possible timing. For example, this weekend I was in Walmart with all three boys. You know how Walmart can be on a Saturday...totally packed and busy. Tayden was playing around and for whatever reason yelled out "we have a midget emergency!" Haha I started laughing, but had to check myself quickly and tell Tayden to be quite. Seriously?

Then Jared told me last week when he took Tayden to the post office with him they walked in and an older Asian man was standing in line and Tayden said really loudly, "hey Daddy, there's a China guy..." like it was not big deal. The guy totally heard him and looked back at them. I am not so sure he thought it was very funny. Oh that boy...

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Christy said...

Oh. My. Tayden. Hilarious. Its hard to teach kids about races and appropriate comments. They dont mean to be rude, its just obvious that people look different and so they say so! I cant remember who, but one of my little relatives used to call black kids "brown babies". oh dear :)