Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I Had A Birthday!

Friday was my birthday. It was a pretty chill day. Jared had guard starting on Thursday for really long shifts....makes it kinda hard to celebrate. So Friday my two neighbor friends Lindsay and Christy brought me some delicious cupcakes to start my day off! It was so sweet of them to think of me. Then mom and Alysha took me to lunch at the spaghetti factory. It was so heavenly. They got me some make up from Bobbi brown that I had been really wanting. I got a sweet gift from my friend Kristi and September as well. I took Boston and Tayden out the Travis and Septembers for a few hours for Keaton's birthday party (his birthday is the day before mine) and then left them out there for a sleep over as part of the party. And then I ended the night with a really late dinner with Jared to some great Thai place (late as in like 8:30 at night). My parents came and sat at the house since Kai was already in bed. It was a pretty good day. Then my sweet friends Alisha and Natalie treated me to dinner at Fork on Saturday and we stayed out late to see a movie. I wasn't going to go to the movie, but Jared text me and said, "your birthday kinda stunk...just go to the movie! Have fun and I love you! " Man I love that boy. :)
Alisha is an awesome photographer and she just happened to bring her camera that night. She surprised us and told us that while we waited for our reservation she wanted to take some pictures of us. She didn't really give us a choice ;) haha. I was freaking out that of all times she decides to take pictures I am a big dork with braces! But I am glad cause the pictures were really cute and it's fun to actually have some pictures of just me! So here are most of the shots from our little impromptu shoot! Thanks to all my great friends for making my birthday so special!

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