Monday, July 16, 2012

Reunion Time!

 Wednesday was Boston's seventh birthday and the day we packed up and headed up to Preston for our family reunion. I came straight home from work that morning with donuts for Boston. I think he felt really special. We are going to have his first ever friends (and cousins of course) birthday party this week so we will post more about that later.
We had a great time at the reunion other the experiencing mother Nature's bipolar personality at it's best. The first day we were there was SO HOT. We basically sat down at the river all day to let the kids play and stay cool. The second day was overcast and nice until it started raining...and then continued to rain until Sunday when it cleared up for us to leave. It sucked being in a tent and dealing with the rain. We were the only ones that didn't have a tent trailer. Boo to that. Even with the sucky weather though the kids had an awesome time like always. I love that about camping. They are just free to roam and play....and get dirty as CRAP. Geez. I am totally exhausted, but happy that we went. Hahaha Anyway I only took out my camera briefly during the nice weather so here are the few pictures I got.( just added a few more I stole from Brit. )

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Christy said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I've been wondering where you were! I saw jared hosing off the tents - looks like you guys practically moved to the wilderness with those things - you dont mess around :)

also - cannot believe boston is 7.