Friday, August 31, 2012

Best Surprise EVER!

Since Tuesday kicked off the first week of school, and my mom had already been overloaded with my kids, I decided to take Tuesday night off so that my mom could have a break and I could be home with the kids for the first week. By Tuesday evening I was really tired and was just laying on the couch with the boys all around me when Jared called. I hadn't really heard from him all day so we sat there talking for a while. The doorbell rang while we were talking and I was a little confused wondering who it could be. The boys jumped up and ran to the door and I slowly pulled myself off the couch to follow them while I was still talking to Jared on the phone. To my great surprise Jared was standing at the door when the boys opened it. I was SO SURPRISED and SO HAPPY. I wasn't expecting him to get home for at least another few days, if not a few weeks. Yay! We are so happy to have him home.

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