Thursday, September 06, 2012

Tayden Starts School.

Tayden started a preschool co-op this week. Every three or four weeks I will be teaching the preschoolers at my house. I think Tayden is going to love it and even though it might be a little tough with my schedule I am glad I decided to do it. I was really bummed when we realized we just didn't have the extra money for preschool this year and our old preschool couldn't do a scholarship program with us anymore. I didn't want Tayden to miss out. Anyway, I think this will be the perfect solution.

And another great thing about it is that I get a little one on one time with this guy. Kai is the funniest little boy. I don't think any of my other boys were talking this much and this well at this age. He is talking in COMPLETE sentences all the time. Saying things like, "mommy I wanna dwink, I firsty." I love it. Or "Where's Tayden and Boston? They at school?" Hahaha he is so much fun to have and I am really enjoy this stage of his life!

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