Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Imagine Dragons.

Jared and I LOVE Imagine Dragons so we knew when we heard they would be coming to Boise that we had to get tickets to the concert. I know it's silly, but I feel like we have a special connection to Imagine Dragons because the lead singer is LDS and was Corbin's mission companion. They are actually still really good friends and so I feel like we know a lot about him. Plus I love the fact that he is still very active in the church, so so humble, and just down right talented...which he proved last night. The concert was AMAZING. They were SO GOOD live. I loved it. The night started out as a bit of a disaster because he had plans for my mom to watch the kids, but she ended up not making back into town from a trip. So we had to scramble to get a sitter. Ryan and Nena offered to take the kids for us (huge thanks) and when we got over to their house across town we realized we had forgotten our tickets! Dang, we had to go all the way back to the house so we basically had no time to meet up with the other couples we were going with to eat. We had to grab taco bell (blah) and eat it in the car on the way there. That kinda stunk cause I was really looking forward to sitting and eating and visiting. Anyway, we made it to the concert and it was worth all the stress getting there. We had to stand and listen to two other opening bands to wait till they got to Imagine Dragons. That was a little rough. I was definitely in the wrong shoes...and combine that with a pregnant belly, I was struggling a little bit. BUT it was worth it once they performed. I LOVED IT. After Imagine Dragons performed I knew we had to go say hi to Dan (the lead singer, Corbin's friend). We were lucky enough to get a picture with him and chat for just a few seconds. I told him who I was and he was so sweet....told me that he loves Corbin to death, and that he can see the resemblance haha, and then we just chatted a tiny bit more before we had to let him get back to the other fans. It was a great night.
We went with Zan and her husband, Anna, and Tom and Sherry. I knew that the Blaisdell's liked Imagine Dragons so I messaged her when we bought out tickets to tell her and they had already gotten theirs too!

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