Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am finally starting to feel a little better and more like myself. Actually I finally started feeling better on Monday, six days after I first got sick. So I had ended up calling in sick on Sunday night just because there was no way I was going to be able to work through the night, and then on Monday I woke up feeling a little better. I thought since I literally hadn't left the house since last Tuesday (other than to take kids to and from school) that I would try and run a couple errands before I had to go to work. Well I was out driving and BLEW A TIRE and almost got in an accident. It was scary and when it happened I had no idea what was going on with my car. I pulled off to a side road and investigated and realized that I had indeed blown a tire. I tried calling Jared but I knew he was a Lowe's picking some stuff up and his phone doesn't get service in there. So I called the store and had them page him over head haha. He came and saved the day. An hour and a half later though and I hadn't gotten any errands done and I was already running low on energy. Boo. Anyway, things are getting better although my stomach STILL is not normal. I have more of an appetite, but I can't eat much and whatever I do eat is still going straight through me. We are talking day 8 now. Hmmm...yesterday Boston came home from school and asked me why I was dressed in normal clothes. Hahah...been wearing sweats much? Hahaha.

I had Boston's parent teacher conference this morning and it went pretty well. She said she loves having Boston in class and that he is doing great academically. The only thing she said we really need to work on is getting his reading fluency up. She said he comprehends everything he reads and that is great, but he is just a little slow. Which I had already noticed at home. I think he struggles with his confidence when it comes to reading, and hasn't really found something that totally hooks his attention that he loves to read, so it's a bit of a struggle. BUT he is reading at grade level and comprehending everything he does read. Like I said he's just a little slow. We are working on it. :)

We had a really great experience watching conference this last weekend. I think it was exactly what both Jared and I needed to hear. Actually, between that and the priesthood session I think it was one of the first times I have seen my husband so inspired and touch. It was a pretty sweet experience.

I find out next week what this little baby is. I am excited. Jared is convinced it's a girl. Hahaha we will see. Life is good.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Come on Myca, no sneak peeks at the baby yet at work? hard to believe...

So glad you are feeling better!