Thursday, November 01, 2012


Our Halloween was pretty busy. We did the school halloween party, pumpkin carving and soup and scones with the family, the trunk or treat, and then actual trick or treating. It was all really fun.
The best part was that Kai was in heaven! He literally RAN from door to door and would say "trick or treat" loud and clear, and then he would say "one more" grab another treat, and then "one more" and grab another HANDFUL. It was hilarious. Some places he would do it two or three times and people would just let him get away with it cause he was so cute haha. 

And here is a shot of me at 21 weeks...

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Samantha said...

Your Halloween sounded exhausting! But you and your boys are so cute. I love Kai with all my heart. Haha cause he's Josi's twin.