Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas (and more) in Pictures.

These are totally out of order and I am way too tired to care haha. And...let's be honest I am way too tired to give a play by play of our festivities. So this week I have tried to take a few pictures here and there. We had ALL the Frogley's here this year which is awesome. So here's what went on...
 -Ten year anniversary
-lots of sick kids
-Boston lost his second tooth...the permanent one was pointing straight at his tongue behind the baby one
-Polar express, Christmas movies, and snuggle time on the couch
 -Christmas eve parties
 -Christmas Day... Santa found us!
 -Vivienne's blessing
-Birthday party
 -Family bowling
I am sure I am missing something. We have been really busy to say the least!

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