Friday, January 04, 2013

Corbin is Married!

We headed up to Utah on New Year's day as soon as I got off work. The trip was really fast and way to short, but it was so good to see some of my family and spend time together. There were some crazy moments like a car sick baby, car troubles, a flat tire, almost missing the actual sealing because we got lost, but other than that the trip was a success! The wedding was beautiful, and I am so excited to welcome another sister into the family. I had a few moments where I felt a little emotional about it because Corbin is like my little buddy whenever we are together...we are really close. I guess I am worried that it won't be quite the same now. BUT that's not to say that I don't LOVE Kelsie. I know she will be so fun to have in the family and she really makes Corbin so so happy. Anyway,  I seem to be getting worse and worse about getting my camera out to take pictures so all of these are from my phone. The day we left we let the kids play at an indoor bounce play while Jared tried to take care of the car ALL DAY. It was frustrating, but the kids had a blast and the adults that were there really just hung out and visited.

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