Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Earl Reunion 2014 Bear Lake!

I had really been looking forward to this reunion and dreading it all at the same time. It was our year to plan the Earl family reunion which basically turned into me and Corbin planning it by ourselves. That alone was really difficult. It was stressful because my family is really easily entertained, and a little laid back, and could be totally happy just hanging out. We aren't huge on the creative side of things like performances, games, and all that so we wanted to make sure that everyone else in the extended family was happy too. We knew we wanted to do it some where new where we could all be together. Corbin found the place in Bear Lake that was perfect and once we had that done he and I got on all the planning. I think the reunion overall was a success. It was great having us all together in the same place. It was fun to put kids to bed and then stay up late with the adults and visit and make milk shake runs. The beach access and set up was perfect. The kids swam and played for hours while the adults hung out and played volleyball. That was by far my favorite part. The food assignments also went really smoothly. I think what I have come to realize though after being in charge, is one, that I really don't like being in charge haha. I don't like to worry that everyone is pleased, happy, and having a good time. It totally stresses me out. Two, if we are going to do any kind of games or activities they either have to be completely geared toward the GREAT grand children, or it has to be totally competitive and the adults have to be assigned (forced) into specific teams or the adults really aren't as interested in participating. We had two main activities (the minute to win it and not so hunger games) that really ended up being a flop one because of space, but really more because people weren't super into it....or maybe we just weren't organized enough. It could have been that too. We did a book of all of our love stories that turned out great. It was really fun to read everyone's stories of how they met and fell in love. I don't think everyone participated in that, but I wish they had. And our reunion shirts turned out AMAZING. They are so cool.  Anyway, I think if I could do it all over again we would have the exact same set up minus the worry of putting activities together. We don't really need organized games and activities. I think it would be fun to be bring games to play at night with the adults, but beyond that I don't think we need anything else major. Although, the face painting was really fun for the kids. I would do that again. Anyway, I love all my people. It was so fun to see them all and spend some real quality time with them. I love my family.

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