Thursday, January 29, 2015


This is really just a random update post. Demry is hilarious and talking like crazy. She is SO SPICY. Everything is "gimme dat", "dats mine", "noooo", "I pitty (pretty)". We love teaching her new things to say even though she doesn't need help with her vocab. I swear every day she says something new. She is so cute and very dramatic haha...Oh and her cute little bun piggies. I just die. The other pictures are of Kai, my snuggle bug. He's always asking me to cuddle him and take a rest. I can't argue with that. We've been trying to read more during the day and work on his letters. He loved his CTR ring he got in church this month and told me it helps him to make good choices. The random picture of Boston was because I was trying to document how DARK brown his eyes are. Usually you can barely see his pupils.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Your kids are so good looking. And you are dead right, those bun piggies are to die for cute.