Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Identical Twins!

On July 8th we went in for our second ultrasound and found out that we were indeed having identical twins. They are mono di twins which means they are sharing a sac with a small membrane separating them and sharing one large placenta. This makes my pregnancy higher risk than if it were fraternal twins because there is a risk for twin to twin transfusion. So I will have another ultrasound in a few weeks and then one every other week until I am 28 weeks. I am super excited and nervous for all these changes happening. Looking back over the last year I almost have to laugh a little. It's like the Lord always had a plan to send me twins and he knew that if I had gotten pregnant when we first started trying there would have been no way I could handle it all with Demry being so young. It all makes sense.  He could have easily given me fraternal twins and I would have always just thought  oh well it was because of the clomid. But he didn't. He sent me identical twins...almost like saying, "look I am in charge and I have a plan. This was always my plan, you just needed to be patient. " I know that now with my whole heart.
Jared bought me a huge van in anticipation for our growing family. His intentions were really good and he thought it would be easier for me with three kids in carseats. I didn't love the idea from the beginning and in hindsight I wish I would have put my foot down.  It's a hightop conversion van that seats like 9 or 10. It is the ultimate roadtrip vehicle with tvs and individual dvd players in each seat, but it is just so big and ridiculous that I told him I don't want to keep it. I felt even worse because the second we got it he put a ton of work into it to plastidip it. Then he had to turn around and take it right off. I can't imagine driving it on a daily basis.  It is really causing me some stress so I hope that it will sell.

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