Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Willow Flats.

I didn't get tons of pictures this year because my phone was dead and I was pretty sick while we were at the reunion. I am so grateful we decided to rent a huge rv (thanks to Nathan) because it really helped during the day that I could go somewhere comfortable and put Demry down for a nap and then lay down myself. It seemed like everyone this year had so much trouble trying to actually get up to the reunion. At one point our truck was giving us trouble and wouldn't even start. Nathan's truck wasn't finished with the lift when it was supposed to be and so he had to borrow a truck and then Brent and Becky had to drive our escalade to pull their trailer up and then ended up getting up to the reunion an entire day and half later than expected because they got three flat tires on their trailer. It was such an ordeal, but so fun once we all made it up there.

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