Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Potty Training.

Against my better judgment I started potty training Demry yesterday. I felt like with TWINS coming I just had to get it done. We have no soccer and no church this weekend and the kids are out of school for a couple days so I decided it was now or never. It probably wasn't the best idea to start on my switch over day because I was already so exhausted, but day one was a nightmare. She literally peed her pants 500 times. I would follow her around all day. Take her potty and sit there for a good 30 minutes only to have her get right off the toilet and pee her pants. I spent 80% of the day on the bathroom floor...super uncomfortable. I was losing my mind and beginning to think that I couldn't do this right now. Finally towards the end of the night she peed twice in the toilet. It was just enough to renew a little hope within me haha. Then this morning when she got up the first thing she said to me was she needed to go potty. And she woke up dry. I took her down to the toilet and she didn't go right away. So I got her some breakfast and she asked to go again and SHE WENT! It was amazing. I was so happy. Then my visiting teachers came over and she asked to go again and went! So far the day is starting out well. I am crossing my fingers that she will continue to just progress and get this whole potty training thing down! 
Update: It ended up being about 4 days of HELL and then on the 5th day she woke up and just figured it out. Now we are a few weeks into it and she's still having trouble with being scared to poop and holding it for way too long. Which turns into her being totally constipated. That has been a struggle, but she totally has being down and she has only had a few poop accidents because she just waited way too long.

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