Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Van.

We sold the van! I have never been so relieved and grateful in my life. I literally had been praying day and night that we would be able to sell it and I had just come to the conclusion that I was going to have to suck it up and drive it. I shed a lot of tears over this van. I don't know why, but I just really didn't want to be driving it around on a daily basis. I kept thinking to myself why won't Heavenly Father just help me with this!  I know he could! I had decided that it was because it just really wasn't important. So of course he's not going to do anything. Heavenly Father doesn't care about a van! Then someone made a comment at church weeks ago saying that if it's important to you than it's important to Heavenly Father. So I started saying that in my prayers and explaining how important it was to me that we sell the van. I still kinda figured we would sell the Escalade first and I would just have to drive it. But then Jared had a feeling he needed to post it on Ebay and so he did. And it SOLD! In just 6 days! We got what we needed out of it to break even on the loan and the guy was even going to have to pay for the shipping on it. And what was even better was that it happened before we would have to make another payment on it and before we had to pay for the registration which was expensive. Heavenly Father had answered my prayers.
Then this past weekend I was at Tayden's soccer game. He got moved to a new team with all new players who had never played before. And to top it off Jared wasn't there to coach so they really had no idea what they were doing. The team they were playing were really good and just began scoring goal after goal on them. Tayden was running all over the field so deteremined to do something, but it wasn't really making a difference. They were getting killed. And he was getting really tired really fast. Then Tayden asked to go in as goalie (which he has never played before). The players continued to score goal after goal on Tayden and I watched as he fought to hold back the tears. He was so sad and so frustrated. My heart broke. I stood there fighting back tears myself wanting to to do anything I could to make him feel better. I wanted to wrap him up in my arms and take him home. I wanted to tell him it was ok. I wanted to end the game! I wanted to do anything to make it better! Now is 7 year old soccer important?! NO! But in that moment I knew how important and impactful it was to Tayden. I saw how he felt. So it was important to me. The next day as I got ready for church early before the kids were up I had a quiet moment where the spirit touched me. I sat and thought about that game and how I felt. Right then I realized that Heavenly Father had indeed answered my prayers about the van because it was important to me. Do I think he really cares about a van? NO. But I know that because it was that important to me that my Heavenly Father wanted to do anything to take that stress, worry and pain away. Just like I felt that day I watch Tayden struggle in his game.

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