Thursday, December 24, 2015

An Answer to Prayers.

The last several months Jared and I have been praying about what to do after the twins are born as far as my work goes. I really want to be able to stop graveyards and be home more. We have been waiting for Jared to be promoted which should have happened a long time ago. He is an E5 right now, but is operating at an E7 level. If he was able to get promoted I could drop my hours at work. It would still be a sacrifie and we would be taking a cut financially, but we could make it work. Well, so far nothing has changed and we just keep waiting and hoping that the promotion will happen before my maternity leave is up.
Ryan approached me a couple weeks ago and basically said that Collin came to him and said that he really felt like they should offer me a job. I could do basically secretary/paralegal work from home and that they could pay me what I was making at the hospital. Initially I wanted to reject the offer immediately. After going through what we did with the business with Brandon and Alysha I didn't even want to consider it. I think that was by far one of the most difficult and heartbreaking experiences for me and Jared. No job or money was worth sacrificing my relationship with any of my family. But then I had some time to think about it and talk through it with Jared and we really felt like it was a good opportunity to allow me to be home and really put us in a different position.  I talked with Ryan about it a little more and voiced my concerns to him. He talked me through everything and put my mind at ease. At one point he said to me, "sometimes the Lord answers your prayers in ways you don't expect." That really hit me. We have been praying about JARED'S work for so long, but  maybe the change that the lord was sending was for me. I think Ryan was right. I think this could be a huge opportunity for us to finally change things a little bit. So I think I am going to take the offer and work for my brothers.

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