Monday, January 04, 2016

Indie and Irie. The Twins Arrive.

Monday the 28th finally rolled around and it was time to go in for our induction. Yay!. I got in early and the doctor said she wanted to start things relatively slow because I was group strep b positive and they needed time to get the antibiotics in. So they got my IV started and the meds going, and started the pitocin pretty low. Every half hour or so they would come and up the pitocin until it was set at about an 8. I was contracting every 2 minutes or so and I labored like that until 1:00 in the afternoon. I knew though that because they hadn't broken my water yet that it wasn't doing anything. I just wasn't really uncomfortable. Sure enough when the doctor came in I was only 4 cm dilated. I had only progressed 1cm in like 5 hours. Lame. I was getting impatient. She was planning on breaking my water then, but was called to an emergency c-section and didn't want to break my water and leave knowing that I progress fast once my water is broken. So I sat around till 3:00 when she finally came back and broke my water. Immediately after that shiz got real. Haha. I was in a lot of pain pretty fast. So we had the N.A. come and give me my epidural. It was the best epidural I have ever had. It came on gradual, was totally even and I could still totally move my legs. Within 45 minutes or so of her breaking my water and basically right after my epidural totally kicked in I got really sick. I started shaking, dry heaving, and was just really really sick. It was clear that I had transitioned pretty fast. Sure enough I was already at an 8 just like that. So they wheeled me down the hallway as I am shaking, and dry heaving and feeling so miserable. I remembered thinking this would be the last time I ever do this and I don't ever want to do it again. Haha. I continued to feel just crappy once we arrived to the OR until finally some meds kicked in and I stopped shaking, coughing, and dry heaving for just a few minutes. Then I started to feel pressure again and started to shake again. I was at a 10 and ready to push. The crazy thing was that I was feeling just as much pressure if not more up in my ribs as I was down low through every contraction. I sat there just pushing on the top of my belly because the pain and pressure was so strong up in my ribs. I pushed through two contractions and Indie was born. I have never felt such instant relief and surg of emotions. I think I was physically and emotionally relieved that one baby was out. I could breath! I started sobbing. Tears just rolling down my face. I have never reacted that way during labor. I began to get ready to push the second baby out when the second OB in the room said she didn't think that baby was head down any more (she was when we had started active labor). The ob had the ultrasound machine out and sure enough she had turned at some point and was sitting slightly transverse in my belly. So they thought they could quickly do and external version and turn her. They laid me flat and one dr. grabbed her head and the other her bottom and tried turning her, but she just wouldn't cooperate. My OB finally said she didn't want to waste any more time and she was going to grab her feet and pull her out. Next thing I know my OB is elbow deep inside me trying to find the baby's second foot. She got a hold of one foot but the baby was kinda spread eagle and she couldn't find the other one. I could feel a lot of pressure and pulling, but had no idea how far up there she was. Jared said it was one of the craziest, bloodiest things he's ever seen. I just remember wondering when she was going to tell me to push again, hoping she could get her so I wouldn't have to have a c-section. She finally got a hold of her other foot and basically yanked her out. She came out a limp purple baby. She look DEAD. She was face down in my doctors hands just completely limp and not breathing. My doctor was so calm and for some reason I didn't feel panicked or worried at all. Honestly I think I was just so relieved that they were both out. The nicu team rushed over and grabbed the baby from the doctor and began to work on her. Finally after about a minute and a half they got her breathing. I thought for sure she would have to spend time in the nicu, but both babies were totally ok and healthy and got to go right to our rooms with us. We left the next day late in the evening. Both girls passed their 3 hour car seat study up in the nicu.
Indie Carlyn Frolgey 5lbs 9 0z 18in 5:27 pm
Irie June Frogley 5lbs 15 oz 18.5in 5:33 pm

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Samantha said...

Oh my gosh I realized i was holding my breath halfway through this story. I'm so glad they both got here safe Myca. That's some crazy shiz.