Thursday, June 16, 2016


FINALLY...finally I feel like I am staying above water. The twins are sleeping through the night and their temperament during the day seems to be improving everyday. Their naps still aren't great, but I don't care if they are happy! I feel like I can stay on top of my work, kids, and life and like I am not just drowning. That is a good feeling. And now I think is when it starts to get fun. The twins are learning to sit up on their own. Indie almost has it totally down. They interact with each other and everyone else and it's so fun. They laugh at everything and they are so ticklish they even laugh when you change their diaper. The are so cute and squishy. I love it. Jared had a birthday. I made him cheesecake...his favorite and he loved it. We went to dinner with friends and then came home and watched a movie. It was so nice. Demry is still getting up at night and waking us up. She's always delirious and confused. It's frustrating especially because we finally have the twins sleeping. She used to be best sleeper. I hope she figures it out soon because I. Am. Tired.
We played horse with the boys one night for FHE...actually I should say everyone else played because they hooked the hose to the hoop and I didn't want to get soaked haha. They loved it though. We had ice cream afterward.
I love having my kids home from school. Considering having new twins and it being a huge adjustment with everyone home I think things are going really well. I was worried the kids would be bored and sad that we aren't going out and swimming and doing stuff everyday, but they have been really good sports about it. And they have been having friends over and doing lots here at home so it has been ok.

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