Monday, December 12, 2016


Thanksgiving started out a little rough with a broken down car the day before we were supposed to leave and the twins coming down with round who knows what of sickness. After lots of tears and panicking, and searching we decided we were just going to stay home and that we could not afford to rent something that could fit us all and get us safely to Utah. Well my family just wasn't having that :). Within minutes of telling them we couldn't go by brother's had sent cash to my account to rent a vehicle and told me that staying in Boise was just not an option. I love those boys. We had a wonderful time with family even though there were definitely some rough patches during the trip...barfing kids, sleepless nights, and tired crazy twins. It was totally worth it though. I love my people.
Highlights of the trip:
Two movies with the big kids thanks to Ryan and Collin. The kids were in heaven.
Christmas lights at Temple square
Hanging with my siblings all together
Eating lots of good good. That's always a highlight.

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