Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Baby Time!

So I had my first Ultrasound for baby number two yesterday. I felt like I had been waiting forever to have an ultrasound so I was really excited yesterday when it finally happened. They have changed the way that they do some of the screening and testing for your unborn used to be that you would usually have an ultrasound at your first appointment which for me was 4 weeks ago. But now instead of doing that they wait till you are closer to 12 weeks (which I am now) and do an ultrasound and a blood draw. This is some of the screening and testing for down syndrome, and other chromosomal abnormalities. Anyway when I laid down and she stuck the probe on my belly and the picture of our little baby popped up, I couldn't help but grin. It is so amazing how blessed we are to be able to be having another baby. The baby was squirming all over the place....she kept doing the infant jerks. You know like when you are holding a newborn and all the sudden the baby jerks and it's arms and legs shoot out like they are scared. That's what it kept doing. It was halarious. Anyway I am just making a prediction, but for some reason I feel like this one is going to be a little girl. We will see in 6 weeks!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

That is so exciting! I only get one ultrasound at 18wks. it must be so much fun to see that baby so soon! Oha nd with Vienna I carried way higher right from the beginning and felt her sooo much sooner! This baby (a boy) way down low again like Evan was!

Good luck hope your feeling good!

MamaMandi said...

Yay! I hope it is a girl, Marlee and Hendrix would love another little princess I am sure. I am jealous, I think Idaho is different in that they do 12 weeks ultrasounds. I got one with Marlee, but it seems pretty unheard of around here. All my sisters only got one at 20 weeks and that was it! We'll see.... we won't even be back to South Dakota til I am about 20 weeks, so that just may be one of my earlier appts! Not sure how they do it in Moses. Anyway, can't wait to find out!