Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Family Time!

So I am really excited because last weekend, this coming weekend, and the next weekend I will get to have someone from my side of the family here at our house. Last week Brandon and Alysha made a quick trip here so that Alysha could finally run a marathon. She has been training forever and the only reason why she was doing it was cause ryan wanted her to do one with him....well he wimped out. So I told her I was running the 10K here on saturday and that there was Marathon she could do. Well needless to say Lysh rocked it. She is so hardcore. Anyway It was so good to see Brandon and Lysh and everything that is happening with them. They are so perfect for eachother and so much fun. Anyway now this weekend I get to have Ryan and Nena and my mom here to hang out. It is going to be a full house but so much fun! I can't wait. Then the weekend after that Collin and Mandi will be driving through heading to moses Lake. I just love it when I get to be with my family. We always have so much fun together!

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