Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birthday girl!

So yesterday was my birthday. I wasn't really expecting much....I never really do. I knew that Jared had to work and then he had his first weekend back at the guard (military.) So I was feeling some resentment towards the military just a little bit last night. I had a pretty sucky birthday last year cause my husband was gone (with the military) and all my family in boise forgot about my birthday. So I was just kinda bummed that I knew I wasn't going to get to see jared pretty much all day. So I hung around most the day with collin and mandi. We didn't do anything special, but jared ended up getting off work early and came home and surprised me with a cute gift. It made the day better. Then to top it off....I knew that brandon was going to purpose to alysha today, and she had no idea. So I waited for the call. She finally callled at 10:30 and was so excited. She had no clue that he even had a ring. Anyway I was really excited to hear how happy she was. So if you didn't read that right....Yes ALYSHA IS ENGAGED!!


Samantha said...

Myca I was actually going to email you yesterday because I actually thought, "hm june 1st? it's myca's birthday today." So I was thinking about you. I'm glad Jared made it home to you and i am SO EXCITED for Alysha!!!! Yay!!

mumovearls said...

Happy UN-Birthday love ya lots -nena