Sunday, June 03, 2007


Pretty intense game of dance revolution!

Kissing cousins!!

So Collin and Mandi were here for the weekend. It was really fun to have them here to hang out, and watch the kids run around and play together. Well they have this game to their x box 360 called dance dance revolution. I am sure you know what it is....they have that game at arcades and stuff too. Anyway Mandi likes to play it a lot so I thought I would try it out with her. It was actually really fun. Marlee and Boston thought it was halarious so after we finished, we let them go a few rounds. The pictures are funny cause it actually looks like they are really into this intense game, and they know what they are doing.

The other funny thing that happened was after collin and Mandi left today it was just me and boston cause jared had guard. So I cleaned up the house a little, and we had lunch, and boston took a bath. Well when he was done I let him sit on the couch with his favorite crackers and "watch" some cartoons. Now I say "watch" because he isn't really into t.v. yet. I have noticed a little bit in the last week or two that it will distract his attention for a moment but he usually doesn't really watch t.v. Well I was on the computer while he was "watching" his show, and I looked over and noticed that his eyes were getting really heavy. The next time I looked over he was slumped over like a pancake. I walked over to see if he was asleep or just playing around and he was totally out. When I picked him up he looked at me with his tired eyes and said, "mommy nap..." and laid his head on my shoulder. It was so stinkin funny.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Looks like fun! Nothing like cousins bonding! Evan and Freyja are like the best of friends!

Hey we are planning on coming to Moses in late June I think it is actually the first weekend in july. Any chance you'll be around? Would love to see you again!

MamaMandi said...

SO CUTE! I love these pics! Cute little kissin' cousins. We had so much fun, thanks again. I loved being back in Boise and spending some time with you all. We love you and can't wait for Powell!

Tiffany said...

those pictures are definitly a crack up! they really look like they are very consentrated on the game!! kids are so cute!! And those two are definitly two of the cutest!!

mumovearls said...

that is soooooooo cute they are so funny to watch don't you wish all these guys could grow up close -nena