Monday, June 11, 2007


So it is about 3: 45 in the morning right now and I am at work. This is officially my first night on full time graveyards. I had planned to go to this shift at the end of the summer to help Jared get through his last semester of school at BSU, but the girl who was working the shift that I was going to be replacing had her baby 4 weeks early. So here I am. It has been a little scary so far. Two hours ago (around 1:45) I thought I was going to die. I felt sooo tired, and sick. I tried to sit down and eat something and wake up a bit, and that made me a feel a little better. Then it got really busy so I haven't really had a chance to even think about being tired or sick till now. Anyway I hope I can do this, and that my body can adjust. Wednesdays might be horrible seeing that I will be coming home from work and staying awake for the day to try and swap my sleep schedule back to normal till Saturday. To top it off I will have boston of course that day, but his cousin Keaton too. Cross your fingers and keep me in your prayers. I think I will really need it.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

hang in there! I commend you for doing it. Your body will make it through it's your sanity i am worried about! I would go crazy! Good luck and we are praying for you! Take care of that prego little self too!

Tiffany said...

That stinks, I hope it gets better for you. Hang in there. Where are you working?

Samantha said...

oh myca. there is nothing that makes me more crazy than not getting sleep. But hey, someday you'll be able to look back at this time and be like "remember when I was pregnant and working graveyard and watching boston? that was crazy."