Saturday, June 23, 2007


So one of the things Jared has really wanted to do since he got home was take me and boston camping. Before we even had boston he always talked about taking his "boys" camping, and teaching them things. So we packed up yesterday and went up for the night with two of Jared's brothers and their wives and kids, and had a really good time. The kids were soooo dirty by the time we got home. Boston and Keaton are the two most boyish boys I have ever seen. They were trompsing around in the trees like they knew what they were doing. It was really funny to watch. Anyway we got up there and set up camp......made some dinner and some sweet smores and then we sat around and talked till the fire died down.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

sounds like fun! We still need to do the camping thing as a family. So are you guys going to be near or in Moses next weekend? i can't remember if I heard back from you. Anyways we'll be there and we miss you guys!

mumovearls said...

Camping lucky for you- you didn't marry an "earl type" (you know what I mean) cause we are not campers-nena