Thursday, June 28, 2007

Speaking like a little man.

So Boston is too funny. He is talking like crazy these days.....the funny thing is that he is speaking a ton of english and a ton of spanish. As most of you know Jared speaks nothing but spanish to him. Well a while ago when boston would ask for something I would make him repeat a complete sentence for me before I gave it to him. I would say the word and then he would repeat it back to me until he said the whole sentence. Well he pretty much got that down pretty quick so when he wants something he says, "mommy I want more juice...." or whatever it is. Usually I will then say, "ok what do you say..." and he will blurt out, "peeze..." Well jared started making him say complete spanish sentences to him when he wanted something. So now all day boston will say "mommy I want more juice..." (or whatever it is) and I will say "ok what do you say..." and he will respond with "peeze" and I will say "ok now tell me in spanish" (since Jared really wants to make sure he not only understands it, but speaks it) and he will answer me "yo quiero mas...Por Favor" It is so funny. I can't believe how much he has learned. He will speak pretty much english to me all day and the second Jared walks in the door he speaks spanish to him. I am so lucky that Jared is passing that onto to our kids. I feel like they will have such an advantage.....

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