Sunday, July 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Boston.

Yesterday we celebrated Boston's 2nd birthday. It's a little early, but his birthday is the 11th and it falls on a wednesday and we will be heading up for a family reunion. So anyway we had a really good parents came down to be here for it. On friday Jared went to work so I got up with my parents and we went and did a little shopping. My mom picked out a couple books for Boston's birthday which he loved and she ended up reading to him all weekend. Once we were done shopping around my mom and I took Boston swimming with my sister-in-laws at a little local pool. It was really fun, but just too hot. It was 110 degrees and we were dying....even when we were in the water. So needless to say we didn't stay that long. Then yesterday we got up and ran a ton of errands to get ready for the birthday. I had to pick up a ton of balloons cause Boston LOVES balloons. We went and got some other things too. We had ceasar salad and pizzas for dinner. I made icecream cupcakes for the kids, and my mom made the best oat scones with strawberries and whipped cream for the adults. So here are some pictures. The cupcakes didn't turn out as perfect as I hoped but I thought they were pretty cute.

Here are some pictures of Boston playing with the balloons. He could be entertained for hours just with a few balloons. It is funny to watch him chasing them around and throwing them up, and kicking them. A few times he would run and pounce on them.....I thought for sure he would pop one, but he didn't.

Here are some pictures of Boston blowing out his candles. He was really mad when the fire was out. He kept telling me he wanted more fire.

Boston made out with some good presents....lots of cars and trucks which he loves, and Jared got him this huge remote control car. It is bigger then him....the funny thing is that you can plug your ipod into it and it plays music. He didn't really know that till he got it home and put it together....Jared said he got to pick out his present this year cause he didn't get to last year. So I let him to it all by himself....he did good....Boston loved it. Oh and he got a little t-ball set....he loves that.
We definitely had a full house. I don't think everyone had left last night till about 11:30. It was nice to visit with I always love having my parents here.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Looks like so much fun!! The cupcakes are adorable! I have been wanting to make tose up in the cone for something. Was it a challenge at all?

P.S. really missed seeing you in Moses. We could use some frogley in the near future!

Happy second birthday Boston!

ashleyboice said...

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mumovearls said...

ok I am so proud of you for the cup cakes they are sooooooo cute looks like every one had fun!Give that boy Birthday spankins from his auntie-n

MamaMandi said...

Happy birthday BOSTON. We tried to call him today cause Marlee kept saying "Boson" birfday. It was cute. Anyway WE MISS YOU GUYS! Can't eait for the wedding to see everyone. Please kiss the birthday boy for us!

Tom Earl said...

Loved our visit! Boston is dos! We are proud of you guys!