Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July!

Ok so I have lots of pictures to post today from our full day yesterday. So I got home yesterday morning from work at 7:30, and even though I could have gone to sleep since Jared had the day off, I decided to stay awake because I knew if I went to sleep I would want to sleep all day. I wanted to be able to spend the whole day with Jared and Boston cause it doesn't seem like we get to do that very often these days. So I waited till Boston woke up and then we went and woke Jared up bright and early....ok well not really....I let him sleep till like 8:30. Then we went out to our back yard and weeded the jungle that has grown back for the 5th we really need to put some plants in and lay some bark. Boston just ran around in his pajamas and snow boots cause he told jared that's what he wanted to wear. It was funny. Jared kept calling him Napoleon.
Well right when we finished weeding Jared's brother Travis called and asked if we all wanted to go up to Black's Canyon and swim and have a picnic. So we packed up the car and headed up there with all the family. It was all of us except for brandon and Jenny and their little girl. We had so much fun. We found a nice spot in the shade for all of our stuff and then we all went and got in the water at the same time. It was kinda cold at first but it was so hot that it really felt good. Boston actually got in the water and played for a little with Jared until he started getting cold. I went out with September and Hailey (sister in laws) and tread water for like 20 mins just talking. I got a good workout for the day and it was fun to just talk with them.
Once we finished eating we all came home and got our stuff together for the BBQ at Jared's uncles house. We had tons of good food and sat around and talked until it got dark and the fireworks started. Boston was a little scared of the ones that we were doing, but he loved the big ones that were going off in the distance. Jared was holding him and he kept saying, "Momma mira!" Which means look in spanish. It was really cute. After that we went home cause I could barely keep my eyes open by then....I actually fell asleep in my chair for a minute while we were all sitting around....sometimes this new shift kills me.
Oh by the way I wanted to take some pictures of Boston in his 4th of July shirt so Jared stood behind me and was telling him how to pose....he actually was doing it. It was halarious.


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Too cute! Sounds like a packed day. Sometimes those are the best though, better then laying around. How's your prego body hangin in there with the no sleep and all?

MamaMandi said...

Nice my little ghetto nephew. Those are pretty dang funny. We missed you guys at Lochsa, but glad you had a good day!

mumovearls said...

Getto Boi! Love the pics of little mini jared