Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Time for a Name.

So now that we know we are having a little boy, Jared and I have been trying to decide on a name for him. Jared really likes the name Kai....which I like too, but it's just not my favorite. I really like the name Tayden. So we have been going back and forth and finally today Jared told me that when he went to bed last night he thought, "Yeah Tayden is a good name...." So I asked him if he really liked it and if that is what he wanted to name him, and he was like, "yeah....I like it.....I like Kai better....." So I still don't feel like it's decided. He sounded so unenthusiastic about Tayden that I don't want to feel like he doesn't like what we are naming our new little boy. So who knows what it will be. Maybe we will have to find a totally different name that we both like.
Anyway I have been trying to write and post as much as possible because I kinda want this to be my journal. I have always been really bad about writing in a journal....actually I pretty much never have. I used to justify it by scrapbooking, but that doesn't even really tell enough. So I thought now if I do this and write enough about what's going on that maybe I will feel ok about not having a journal. So does this count? When I am long gone and my kids and grandkids, and great grandkids go back to see what my life was like and what I was like, will this be enough? I want them to be able to know who I am, and what my life was all about. Anyway I wonder if there is a way that I can print all these every so often and put them in a book or bind them in a folder. I will have to look into that.


Tom Earl said...

Your journal rocks! You you look great! Keep on writing - Nena tells me that you can publish these in a very handy book.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Keep writing, cause i love reading! It toally counts, some is better then none and it's you.

The name thing is the hardest!! Especially for boys. And I find the husbands to be a bit confusing. Kent loves it one daya nd says he's not sure the next, and he came up with the name. None the less I am saying that this babies name IS Seger and Kent will come to his true positive senses and choose to love it everyday... i think. So yeah Seger James Cranmer for us. This one took longer to settle on t hen the other two, it's been killing me.

In otherwards..(spit it out) good luck. He'll be darling either way!

ashleyboice said...

myca...go to blurb.com. They print up blogs in a bound book. Kinda like the ibook. It is awesome and totally affordable. I am going to print one or two up a year and that is what I am going to have to look back on. The book looks just like the blog with comments and everything. It is pretty amazing.

We never had a name for our kids until we absolutely had too.

MamaMandi said...

Hmmmm, I know its not up to me AT ALL....but you know me and that I'll put my 2 cents in. I Personlly actually like Kai better BUT I know that he will be so dang cute either way that his name could be Bob or Joe and I would love him just the same. Good luck picking.... we're not far behind. Haven't even thought about it.

danceteacherkc said...

I totally forget that you have this blog. I'm like an old lady when it comes to these things... can't get up on my technology :) I'm so excited for you and your boy? I think Tayden Frogley is an absolutely adorable name. I wrote that right... right? Anyways, all my love!