Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 1 of Earl family reunion 2007.

Jared and I left boise yesterday to drive up to Moses lake for our new tradition....the Ken Earl family reunion. I have been looking forward to this weekend forever! I feel like I haven't seen some of my cousins for years...actually I know I haven't seen some of them for years. I know there are several of my cousins that haven't even really met Jared either so I am just really happy to see every one and be together. I have to say I have the best family ever....I love all my aunts and uncles and my cousins are truly some of my best friends. We have so much fun when we are together. I feel so blessed that I was able to grow up with all of them.
So back to the first was a blast. Really all we did was hang out and visit while all the kids swam and played. We had scones for lunch....yummy....and we had all sorts of good food for dinner. Then after dinner we had a family dance and all of us girl cousins busted out our "Grind" routine from an old workout video. It was halarious. Then to top off the night we watched a video of pictures that Uncle doug put together. It was so cool. It really made me miss grandpa. He was such a sweet man. After that we had an outside movie, but Boston was so ready for bed so we took off. I have to say it was a really awesome day....the only downfall of the day was when little Irik took a dive off the trampoline. He landed right on the curbing and it gave him a big bump on his forhead (and freaked everyone else out). They had to rush him to the hospital to make sure his head was going to be ok, but he is a trooper and was all smiles by the end of the night. I am so glad that he was ok. I was really scared for him, and I can only imagine how Britney and Jason felt. It can be so scary sometimes being a parent.
Anyway I will post pictures when I write about the rest of the reunion. Today was a good day....I love my family.

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Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Myca!!! It's been forever, but boy oh boy is little Boston sure growing up! He looks adorable! And congratulations on the next one, you sure pull off a cute pregnancy!