Sunday, August 19, 2007

Earl Family Reunion Day 2.

So we finally made our way home today....we were so sad to go, but really had such a good time with all of the family. It always seems like anytime Jared and I make a long drive somewhere we spend the majority of the drive just talking about different things. This drive we talked a lot about the family and how nice it was to see everyone. It was especially good for Jared since he didn't really know a lot of the cousins. I have to say that sitting back on the first day watching everyone interact it was so cool to see how everyone was with Jared. Jared pointed it out to me (even though I had already noticed) that he thought it was really cool how cortney (ashley's hubby) more than once went out of his way to say hi to Jared and talk to him. I don't think they have ever even been really introduced, but we both thought it was really nice. I think cortney is a really cool guy....I think he is really thoughtful. I actually think he in Jared have a lot of the same interests and a lot in common. It really makes me wish sometimes that I lived closer to my cousins cause I know that we would all have so much fun. He also said it was really nice to get to know Jon and Kyle and the rest of the guys that he hadn't ever really spent anytime with....he said he got a chance to talk with Jon (kacey's hubby) for a while and really enjoyed himself. Of course he always has a good time when he gets to see his brothers Ryan and Brandon. They had a guys night pretty much every night....I don't mind though cause I like that they all get along so well.
Anyway back to the we got up on saturday and had alysha's bridal shower. It was nice and quick....everyone came and we had a little food and she opened her presents. I think she got some really good gifts....cute lingerie and some good kitchen stuff. From there we headed out to the park to meet up with the rest of the family. We played some intense rounds of volleyball and then took some family pictures. After that we had some pizza for lunch and then we had the egg toss and the races. The day was really fun. Most of the kids just ran around and played on the toys until we did the egg toss and races. Boston was halarious at the race. He was so ready to go, but when jared took him to the starting line he wanted to run right then, so Jared had to hold him back and make him wait. Well he didn't like that so by the time they were ready to race he was too mad and stood at the start while all the other kids ran to the finish. He is always running and of course when we actually need him to run he blows it....ahaha too funny. Then of course there was all the women under 30 race. Don't ask me why I ran it.....that was a really stupid decision on my part. I don't know I think part of me thought it would be harmless, and jared was like, "go run babe." So I got up to the starting line.....they said go....I was running as fast as I could and bam out of know where I eat it hard into the grass. At first I just laughed and thought it was kinda hurt, but nothing serious. Then everyone kept asking me if I was ok and I started getting more and more embarrassed at the fact that I was the big pregnant girl smack dab in the middle that ate it right onto her belly. What the heck was I thinking....of course the embarrassment combined with my pregnant hormones brought on the tears. I felt so stupid....I did hurt my knee pretty bad, but I think I hurt my pride a little bit more. Oh well....I guess we can say that you won't be seeing me run any races in the future. After I got myself together the older guys and some of the uncles played a really good round of volleyball and then we headed off to go home and get ready for Justin and Angeliques reception. We ended the night after the reception with a few of us girls getting together at Aunt Tami's. It was fun. We visited and watched the finale of So you think you can dance.
I really had such a good time this weekend and I hope we don't go as long this time to maybe plan a time for some of us to get together....We have way to much fun to wait that long.

So here are some pictures from the first day out at Jeff and Becky's House. Just pictures of all of us hanging out and visiting.

Mom and Dad and Boston....

Kim and Aaron, Angie, Kacey, and little cutie Elsie.
Kylie, Kacey, Scarlet, Courtney, and Kelsey.
Jared, Angie, and Michael they sat under here most of the day joking around.
My beautiful cousins Britney and Samantha.
Alysha at her bridal shower.

Another pic of the Bridal shower.
One of the intense games of volleyball.

The Egg toss.
Ashley and Cortney's son Oliver Won.
The men getting ready to race.
Me and Mom, and Alysha


mumovearls said...

I love that pic of you three together . It was really great to have you guys here, I wish we lived closer Ryan and Jared get along so well. Anyways send me pics from the reunion because we are makin a cd for each family-Nena

Jim said...

Looks like a blast! You are looking so cute preggo! Miss you!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

that last comment actually me, Elizabeth sorry I didn't realize I was logged in under my Dad's name!

MamaMandi said...

Cute pics. We were so sad we missed it! But, we're excited for the wedding! See you soon.

Kimmy said...

Just remember, no matter how embarrassing you thought it was to fall, you were beating your cousin who wasn't even pregnant!

Kimmy said...

Thanks for posting all your pictures. I'm glad I can see them all!

ashleyboice said...

So nice of you to write that about Cortney. He was like..."i love Jared" Hahaaa its true they do have a lot in common. All of those manly things. We are going to try to go to Lake Powell next year with your guys better come.

Myca said...

yea! That would be so much fun if you guys could come to lake powell....I would love it! Jared would be so excited too...he and cortney would seriously have so much stinkin fun!

Samantha said...

haha i love the pictures! I can't believe you posted that volleyball one. sweet!