Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Shoes!

I never thought that Boston would ever become so opinionated about his shoes. I took him shopping the other night to get him some new shoes because he has totally out grown the shoes he wore last fall and winter. Before we went Jared and I were looking online at payless shoes and Jared had told me which shoes he thought were cool. The ones I like he said were lame.....or actually I think the word he used was "gay." So I took Boston to the store and they had both pairs of shoes there. When I pulled the ones that Jared had picked off the shelf Boston's eyes got huge, and he said, "Those are AWESOME..." I thought it was halarious. I didn't even know that he knew that word. So then I pull down the shoes that I liked. I tried to convince him that they were cool, but even when I showed him shoes and let him pick, he pointed to the ones that Jared had picked out every time. So then when we got home he was so excited that after I got him ready for bed he wanted to put them on and show Jared. He was running around so excited, and he kept stickin his foot out to the side to show off his new shoes. It was so took me a while to convince him that he probably didn't want to wear them to bed. He finally took them off.

So I have also noticed that Boston is getting more and more of a personality each day. He must have been spending a little too much time with me the other day when I was frustrated cause before I knew it he had picked up one of my bad habits. Here is how our conversation went....

Boston: "Mommy I want my bunny."

Me: "Ok go into your room and get him."

Boston: "No you get it." (which he says to everything lately....little lazy bum)

Me: "No you can get it you're a big boy."

Boston: "OK! Ughhhh!" (as he rolled his eyes)
I laughed so hard that he made that sound and rolled his eyes at me. I know he totally picked that up from me....opps!


Lindsay said...

Don't you love it when the things you say come back to haunt you? I wish you had a pic of the shoes you liked. I'm so curious!

MamaMandi said...

Nice. The terrible two's really can be terrible sometimes eh'? FYI, I have a couple of real cute pictures up from the wedding that you might want, so make sure and check out the blog soon. And thanks for the birthday wishes for Marlee.

mumovearls said...

Nice I Love the Uhhrrr and rolling of his little eyes Just wait that boy is way to smart-n

Tom Earl said...

I am going to watch this boy with baited anticipation......He is going to give you both a run! We love him!

Samantha said...

I'm with lindsay. I want to see a picture of the shoes you liked!