Tuesday, November 20, 2007

9 Days to go.....Hopefully less.

Ok so we took this picture today. I am feeling HUGE. I have worked my butt off at work the past 3 nights, walking all over the hospital, and taking the stairs every where. What has the pay off been? I can tell you no baby still. Now I feel now like I just ran a marathon....my body is so stinkin sore. Oh well. I have an appointment tomorrow so I will see if anything has changed. Until then I will continue to count the number of times I hear, "Wow you are still here...." or "When are you having that baby?!" or "You look ready to pop!" or "Any day now right?" or the few, "You look too small to be due in a week..." Or "You don't even look pregnant from behind..." As I think, "Are you kidding me? I feel like a huge whale..."
Anyway what do ya do? I guess we will continue to wait until this little guy is ready.


mumovearls said...

I think you look totally adorable-nena

MamaMandi said...

Cute shirt, and you really don't look that big! I swear! Anyway, I hope your appt goes well and like I keep saying (I know, I know I just don't want to be left out of the loop!) Keep us posted. Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving! Tell everyone hello for us, man I wish we could be there too!

Lindsay said...

You look great, Myca! Have a good Thanksgiving and hopefully you'll have that baby soon!