Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a pretty good night last night to bring in the new year. We got together with all the family and had tons of really good food and just hung out. We had a few funny movies playing through the night that were pretty entertaining. Hot Rod was one of them. That movie was actually pretty funny....a lot of stupid humor so I guess if your in the right mood you can have a pretty good laugh. Then once it got closer to midnight we turned on the the TV to watch the ball drop. It was just a little bit funny cause we counted down and then it was like "yea that was fun..." I was sitting there nursing....but I did get a good smooch from Jared which I haven't been able to do the last two new years. Anyway it has been a good year. I have a few resolutions, but I am always so bad about keeping them....so I guess I will list a few.
1. Try to read scriptures and pray as a family (Boston especially) every night.
2. Do better in my calling.
3. Be more patient with my kids....Boston.
4. Get back into shape....or at least back into a regular workout schedule.
So there's a few of them....I know pretty boring but definitely things that I need to work at. Happy New Year everyone.


Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

WE ARE COMING TO VISIT!!!! I just booked our flights... see you next thursday (the 10th). YAAAAAAAAY!!!! send me an email for details, I need you address saved anyway... khoneycutt@live.com
Best show Boston lots of pics of Tia!!!

Jeff and Megan said...

I've never even started a New Years Resolution...so this year I thought I would do a BIG one. I'm losing 75...that's right, 75 lbs. by my Birthday! Good luck on yours!

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

How funny we watched hotrod too! definitely have to be int he mood for that one! happy newyear. The pics are wonderful!