Sunday, March 09, 2008

Game Night.

Last night we had everyone over for potluck and game night. We NEVER play's always watch a movie....or watch the fights....but never just sit and play some fun games. It was so much fun! For the potluck I made some bruschetta type appetizers that turned out really yummy. I was pretty proud of my self. I didn't have a recipe...I just put together a bunch of fresh stuff that I thought would be good. Anyway we ended up playing Taboo (I love that game) and Scene it, and Guesstures. It was so much fun to interact with everyone, but I think we know why we don't ever play games as a family....let's just say we are all a little on the competitive side. Jared was like, "Now I know why your middle name is LuDeen....You are just like Grandma Earl when it comes to playing games..." The rest of the night he kept calling me LuDeen. I thought it was funny....hey I will take it as a compliment. There is nothing wrong with a little competitive spirit. Anyway here are a few pictures from the night.

Tayden was really into the games....hahaha.

Everyone hanging out....this isn't everyone, but some of the group.
Brent getting into an intense game of Taboo.
My yummy appetizer....delicious.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

You're making me hungry. That Tayden is such a cute kid! Does he look like a Frogley or what?! I'm totally with you on the games. I enjoy them... but sometimes the competitive air can get a little thick. Gotta love that Earl blood