Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What Round is This?

We have an answer to why Tayden has been waking up through the night and not quite his happy little self. Yes people you guessed it.....the boy has an ear infection. So now along with an antibiotic for his eye he has one for his ear too. The boy is getting drops pushed in his face all day now. Eye, then ear, oh then eye again. Poor guy. At least we know now....hopefully this will solve the problem of the stinky ear....yep his ear has some serious stank coming from it. Hahaha that is so nasty.

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Kacey Nielsen said...

Gross. :)

Courtney and Karissa Sanchez are the captains. Courtney does the majority of the choreography, but Danielle did their hip hop number. But I'm pretty sure the military routine was all Courtneys. Isn't she such a stud?!