Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite First Born Son.

So here's to you Boston. I decided that I have not been writing about any of the good, funny, or sweet things that Boston has been doing lately and I would hate for him to look back on this one day and think that I was so compeltely irritated with him all the time because even though it may seem that way often....he really is my sweet little boy (just with a whole bunch of attitude these days.)

So today I am making him some lunch and I turn around to see him sitting on the table with his feet on the chair. I told him to turn around and sit down at the table correctly. He in response said, "No." I said, "What did you say to me..." He said again a little bit quiter, "no." So I said, "Boston you don't tell me no....do you want your lunch? " Boston "yes." I said, "Ok then sit down..." He goes to sit down but before he does he had to get the last word in so he held up his fist at me and said, "Mom do you want one of these?!" I couldn't help but laugh cause Jared says that to him all the time....it was so cute. As soon as he saw me laugh he started to laugh like he was so funny and then he sat down.

Here's a few things that I love about my sweet Boston.

1. I love those big brown (almost black) eyes he has with those perfect long lashes. They seriously melt my heart....I am sure they will have the same affect on many girls in the time to come.

2. I love when he is trying to tell me something, but his brain is obviously processing way quicker than his mouth and he repeats himself and stutters just a bit before he can get the whole sentence out.

3.I love it when he doesn't know I am watching him, and then I finally catch his attention and he realizes that I am staring at him and he gives me the biggest sweetest smile.

4. I love his cute little skinny legs, and his tiny little bum....especially when he is naked...I just want to pinch it.

5. I love, love his little spanish accent. He so reminds me of his dad sometimes.

6. I love it when he first wakes up and wants me to hold him....he says, "mommy I want to hold you..." and then he climbs up on my lap and wraps my arms and hands around him. Then without even knowing it he plays with my nails...just like Jared does.

7. I love to watch him throw the ball....the boy has a mean arm.

8. I love how he trys to negotiate every time it is time for a nap or bedtime after I get him into bed he always says, "Ok mom I just need one treat." or "I just need some crackers."

9. I love the little gap between his front teeth...I had one just like it.

10. I love that he was the little boy that made me a mom....and that he was the little guy that kept me company and gave me something important to keep my focus on while Jared was gone for so long. He truly has been such a blessing in our lives.

I love you Boston.


El Chidote said...

I love mi hijo! Dad

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

This is so sweet.


Tom said...

"Mom, thanks for the comments! I'm friggin awesome!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

That's so cute Myca. He's a good kid!

Samantha said...

The picture of him smiling with his mouth closed looks EXACTLY like you. Also, I'm sure he'll appreciate the bum comment when he's older.