Monday, April 28, 2008

The Jeep Replacement

Well here is the post that Myca has been waiting for. This is the final despedida of the jeep. I decided to go with the next best thing. I went with the Ford. It is a great truck and has plenty of room. I think that even though I loved the Jeep so it was time for it to go. My neighbor John put it the best I guess, he said " Looks like you are a Family man now" Boston and I wanted to give her the show room glow So we set out to wash her up. Tayden was the peanut gallery growling at his brother. Boston likes to help but he really hates the water but for some reason he just stood there as I punished him with the mangera. He loves the water now I guess. The final out come is a clean truck and son. You wouldn't belive how hard it is to get this thing in the garage.


Mandi said...

Its nice! Man....someday we will have a nice new car....someday.
I think it will be great for your family! And I am sure Jared loves it. very cool. Hope to see you guys soon.

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Wow, that is waaaaay nice! And the car wash looks like so muchfun! haha

mumovearls said...

it's pretty and shiny and silver and big! is the cruiser over at your house yet??? can you check it out?-n