Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow I feel like I have so much to catch up on. We had a pretty eventful weekend. It started on Thursday....Jared and I left Boston with Travis and September and headed up to California to see Brandon and Alysha. This trip was much over due. It was so nice to see them....we didn't do much cause we kinda took the bad weather from Boise with us to Cali....which resulted in a lot of wind and rain. But it was ok. We ate lots of good food, stayed up way to late, and just enjoyed eachother's company. One day we went to the beach and even though it was a little cold it was still nice to just walk around. We had Tayden with us and I just have to say that he was a little trooper. He had a fever of 101.5 the whole time we were there, and never really got any good naps. I could tell that he really didn't feel good, but he was such a sweet boy. The last night he kept us up, but it was ok. Then Lysha and Brandon jumped on the plane with us and headed back to Boise with us to hang out until Monday when Lysh had to be back for work. We just hadn't had enough time with is so funny when Jared and Brandon get together they are like little boys. I am so glad that they are so close and get along so well. Then today after we took Brandon and Alysha to the airport we met up with all the family at the park to have a picnic and visit. Our picnic was ended prematurely though because this huge rainstorm started to role we pack up and headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Frogley's and by the time we got there it was POURING. The kids just started running around in the rain....they loved it! They seriously were soaked by the time they finished so we stuck them all in some of Crystal and Heidi's t-shirts. Too funny. Now I guess we head back into another work week....blah. Tayden has his 6 month appointment tomorrow so we will see how he's doing....good timing considering he has been really sick the past few days. So here are some pictures from the weekend.
These first ones are from when we were in Cali.....The one of Tayden in my sweater was when we went down to the beach. It was so cold so Brandon let me use his sweater and I stuck Tayden in there (no snuggli mind you) and zipped it up. The second he got warm he was out....but then I had to carry all his weight like that.

We brought Keaton and Boston some superman and batman pajamas from our trip ...they loved them. These pictures are from the park today and then the rainstorm that hit right as we made it home. It was so fun....Heidi, Crystal, and Brent were out there in the rain just playing with the kids.


El Chidote said...
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El Chidote said...

sexy hat + sexy body = sexy wife.

mumovearls said...

that looks like so much fun! I'm sad we didn't make the trip this weekend ...we'll come soon-n

mumovearls said...

Jared you are SEXY!