Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Weird Night.

Last night Jared and I put the boys down to bed early....and we actually moved Tayden into Boston's room (out of our closet) since he has been sleeping through the night. Anyway they were both in bed by 8:30...which is definitely early for Boston, but whatever. I ran to DQ to go and get me and Jared some icecream and on the way home Jared called me saying that he was having some really bad abdomen pain. By the time I got there he was pacing around....couldn't sit, stand, or hardly breath the pain was so bad. We finally had Tom and David (thanks guys) come and give him a blessing and then Tom took him to the ER. I thought it might be his appendix or his gallbladder. Well when they got there they hooked him up to an IV and got him some meds which really helped and then they did a blood draw and a urinalysis. The Dr. finally got in to see him at like 11:30, and they decided that he had acute gastritis and he thinks he may have an ulcer. What? The Dr. said that what he's been eating and drinking (soda) and a lot of stress is probably contributing to the five prescriptions later he finally got home and into bed at like 1:00. Crazy....maybe it is time to make some changes. I hope this isn't a continual thing for him. Three times in the last two weeks kinda worries me....I hope we can get this figured out and under control. Oh and how can I top off the late night Boston came into my room at 5:30! Ugh! I ended up letting him stay up because I didn't want him to wake up Tayden in his room cause I knew he would throw a fit if I made him get back in bed. I am so not putting him to bed before 9:00 again.

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Elizabeth Cranmer said...

bummer all around! Hope that gets better!