Monday, June 23, 2008

Tayden is 7 Months.

Ok well he's not quite 7 months but he will be on Friday...I figured I would write a few things now cause we are leaving on Wednesday to go to Sandpoint with all my family and when I get back and I am sure that I will have plenty more to write about.
So here is what Tayden is up to these days...

1. He still loves to be naked...loves the bath/shower...or laying on the floor in his diaper.

2. He loves to grab his feet and stick them in his mouth...yeah he is pretty flexible. If he isn't grabbing at his feet while he is on the floor he is reaching for anything in sight...usually the wipes.

3. He laughs all the time....I love his sweet laugh.

4. He loves to hear himself...his vocabulary consist of "babababa...mamama.....dadadada" and some other jabber. He does this thing where he breaths really fast and loud with his mouth open like he is panting ALL the time (especially when he is excited or bored I think). And he also does what we call his "Darthvader" breathing or growling....I don't really know how to describe it.

5.He hasn't been spitting up as much.

6.He is eating great....he'll go about 4/5 hours between nursing and formula and then we have been feeding him all sorts of yummy baby food....if you want to call it that. He's still trying to figure out how to chew up pieces of "real stuff" but he is getting better.

7. He basically hates any vegetables I try to feed him. He will sometimes eat the sweet potatoes, corn, and carrots...but anything green he hates. He will take one bite and give me this look like, "what the crap is that mom..." then I can't even get him to open his mouth again for another bite.

8. He is really starting to sleep good. Pretty much consistent through the night, and into a routine of two good naps during the day usually.

9. He just started to show a tiny bit of interest in crawling. I put him on the floor the other day and he finally got mad enough about trying to reach a toy that he kept getting his knees underneath his body and then pushing himself forward....he just wouldn't lift up on his arms. I really wonder if he is ever going to crawl...Boston never did.

10. He really doesn't like being in his carseat that much and he is definitely getting too heavy to carry him around in it. So every time I go to get him out of his seat in the back of the car he does this thing where the second I undo the bottom buckle he arches his back and twists until he has scooted himself practically out of the seat...before I can even get his arms out of the straps. It cracks me up. Sometimes I will just undo the bottom buckle and wait to see what he does before I even go for the top ones....he does it every time.

11. He will still take a binky when he is really tired and trying to go to sleep.

12. He is drooling like crazy, and I swear every day when I get him out of bed he looks bigger to me.

13. He thinks Boston is hilarious in the back of the car. Whenever we are driving anywhere Boston just sits back there talking a mile a minute to Tayden and he just sits there giggling.

14. He spits all the time. When he is bored, tired, or irritated usually.

I just took him to his dr. appointment and it looks like he is going to have to go see the ENT specialist. He hasn't gotten any better on the antibiotic. He will probably have to have his adenoids taken out....poor guy. Anyway I can't believe it's been 7 months...


Kacey Nielsen said...

What a good looking kid! I love how round and happy he looks. I hope they figure out how to make him feel better!

Anna Beal said...

Don't they grow so fast? I would love to see your kids in person some time. I know its hard to get together, but we really should catch up sometime.