Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Tom Earl Family Reunion.

So we are back from a wonderful week up in Sandpoint. We left early Wednesday morning at 5 am and made our way up to Doug and Marlo's cabin. The drive actually went by really fast and the boys did so good. Tayden just chilled in the back and Boston watched his DVD....gotta have the movies for a drive that long. Anyway we got up there and got our tent set up, and then we were able to just relax and wait for the rest of the group to arrive. I think this was the first time in 4 years that we have had our entire family was so nice. The guys got some time to go shoot some guns...and of course we had tons of great food and good conversation. It was nice to be right on the river and just let the kids come and go as they pleased....the water was freezing so I didn't get in really. Overall we had a really awesome time except for two things....
1. We didn't get a whole lot of sleep because it was FREEZING at Tayden kept waking up cause even in bed with us we couldn't keep him warm enough. Seriously it was SO COLD.
2. The last night we were there it was like our group was hit with the plague....people were dropping like flies. Everyone was up throwing up through the night (except for a handful of included thank heavens.) I'm not kidding, Alysha, Mandi, Mom, Nena, Beckham, Hendrix, Zaymes, Dad, Collin, Jenn, and Jared all got sick. I am so glad I didn't get sick, but it sucked because Jared was so sick that he could not even function. I took down all of our stuff and packed our car (thanks for everyone who helped me) and then I drove the whole way to Moses Lake while Jared and the boys not like Jared.
Anyway it really turned out to be a great trip...Nick and Kristen came up and it is always so much fun to have them there....they just fit right in. Kristen attempted to get family pictures for us the morning we were supposed to leave but considering the night before I don't know how good we will look in them. I will post those later when I get them from Kristen. Here are a few from the week.
My so cute parents....nice camping hair it.

I love these one of the three (almost 3 yr old) grandkids. They are all so close in reminds me of how me, Kacey, and Brandon were....they are gonna be so close.
I love this one...look at them crackin up.
Alysha is so the favorite Aunt....all the kids love her and want to do everything with her.

All the guys built a Dam....out of a huge tree that they chopped themselves...yeah they are hardcore.
Boston shooting the sniper rifle. He totally shot it himself...Jared just held it to keep it from kickin back on him.

Nena is so creative it makes me sick....she painted these cute little pictures on all the kids...they loved it.


lindsay>boo said...

Looks like fun! So sorry everyone got sick though.

Kimmy said...

Looks like a great time. We have always loved going up to the cabin. It's so beautiful up there.

Anna Beal said...

Looks like you all had a ton of fun! I just love your family!

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

These pictures are so cute- nice work girl! and I cannot believe you already have them up!!! We had so much fun with you guys! Can't wait til we see you next. Love you!

krystind said...

Hey myca! i sent you an email today- hopefully to the right address.. but if you don't get it, it was just letting you know that i'm moving to the boise area! hopefully i sent it to the right address, but if not, email me at

Tom said...

Gosh that was so fun!!!!!!

Mandi said...

Glad you made it home safe..and didn't catch the bug! Lucky! That was a much needed reunion. It was SO good to see you guys. We have missed you so much, and hope to see you in a few weeks..!!?!?!?