Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Boston!

We celebrated Boston's birthday just a little bit early....yesterday even though his birthday isn't until the 11th. It was kinda last minute, but we realized that we were going to be gone for the reunion on his actual birthday so we threw something together really quick. He told me he wanted a superman party so I made superman cupcakes. We had everyone get together at this cool park that has a fun play area and water area. We had pizza and soda and let the kids run around a play...although I thought they would want to go in the water more than they did....oh well. Then when we were gonna sit down to sing happy birthday and let Boston blow out his candles Keaton dug right into the cupcakes before we could stop him. It was so we just sang happy birthday really quick and let Boston eat one too. He got lots of great superhero stuff....and we got him a really cool bike with training wheels. I think he was pretty excited and pooped by the end of the day. Here are some pictures from the party (I still can't really get my pictures to look the way I envision them, but I am trying.)
The lovely cupcakes.....don't they look delicious!?

Keaton right when he dug into the cupcakes...I think he felt bad once he realized what he had done.
Boston's face cracks me up in this pictures....he was so excited.
Tayden was soo tired, but totally fighting it. He was being so cuddly with Jared it was so sweet.


Mandi said...

I was about to be super confused. I was like, wait a minute...isn't his b-day the 11th? Our niece Lizzie's is the same day. Anyway... looks like a fun party!

Nick and Kristen Honeycutt said...

Honey, your pictures are looking great! Looks like a fun party, wish we could have had superman cupcakes with you!