Monday, July 14, 2008

Willow Flats Reunion.

Sigh....we are back from our trip and I feel like a need a day or two to recover...not to mention to do the month's worth of laundry I have now. Ok it's not a month's worth, but I have so much stuff to wash....anyway we had a really good time. There was a lot of relaxing....sitting and laughing and talking....and tons of eating as always. The sleeping situation was as I predicted with Tayden....he didn't nap at all during the was just too hot in our tent. He did pretty good at night though even though it was FREEZING. Boston had a blast and was so dirty by the time we got home. He had his moments where he was so crabby cause he really didn't sleep that good while we were there, and we had a constant battle with him to get him to eat. Ahh what am I gonna do with this kid. Overall though I think he had a blast playing around up in the mountains. Here are some pictures from the week.
This was seriously one of the only ways we could get Tayden to sleep....swinging with Jared in the shade, in his hammock.
The boys posing in Heidi's sunglasses....aren't they so cool? Hahaha...

Ok so these next pictures are so nasty, but so hilarious. We all hiked up to the spring of the river, and the boys were looking for a geocash.....well us girls got a little bored and started taking all these pictures. We were laughing so hard at some of them.....mainly the last one. We said we were going to do an "angry" face and right as I went to shoot the picture a mosquito went to land on my face. I freaked and Crystal was trying to blow it away. It is seriously the worst picture of me, but it is too funny to pass up.

yeah.....see what I mean....I still can't help but laugh at that picture. Yikes.

The boys on the was so hot, and Boston kept wanting us to carry him. It was so beautiful though....

The mosquitos were horrible....the day after our hike I counted 10 bites on Boston's face. I felt so bad. I had 12 on one of my arms....nobody else got eaten alive like me and Boston...we must have sweet blood. That is only one side of his face....and I don't know if you can see them that good.

Brent taking a "shower." Which reminds me....I went 5 days without washing my hair or taking a shower....disgusting I know. It is a little different for us girls trying to shower though...yeah we are hardcore. I never been so happy to see my bathroom as I was last night.
Boston found a caterpillar. I was surprised he would even touch it. His face cracks me serious.
Travis and Chase doing what we did most of the time....relaxing in the shade.


Tom said...

I love your updates! Looks like a great reunion! The pics are perfect!

mumovearls said...

how fun... love Kristin's pictures from IDAHO- are you coming the end of this month? Please?-n

Anna Beal said...

Hey there sweet blooded mama. I'm with you on the shower thing. Its totally different for girls, and that first shower after getting home is the best!

Nathan and Hailey Frogley said...

Tayden is getting so chubby!!!! I can't believe it. So opposite of Boston. I'm glad you all had so muchfun. Wishing we could have come:)