Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Called Out!

So Monday and Tuesday Myca works so it's me and the boys. It is fun because Boston and I fight and throw pillows while Tayden sits and watches. We had a good time last night. It is funny because kids know when they are getting sleepy, in trouble, ect. Boston when he knows it's almost time to go to bed he says, "daddy you going to watch Football" I say no it's not on but, ESPN is on so he will watch the highlights and then he is ready to go to bed. It is about that time I'm trying to get stuff ready for me to go to bed so I try to usher him into the bathroom to brush his teeth and go to bed. I forget a lot of times to do Prayers because I don't want him to lose interest in going to bed. So I get him to bed after we eat our bowl of cereal and I'm watching Sports center and Boston comes out 5 min later and says, "Daddy you forgot my prayers" To my surprise and thinking that I was a bad father I said, "OH Si" Then he says, "Mommy says prayers"...........Yea yeah I know BAD dad but it's a good reality check when kids let you know that they are more in tune with the spirit then you are. We went back in and said our prayers. Way to call me out Boston!


Mandi said...

nice work Buddy. Marlee uses it as more of a stall tactic, but she remembers none the less.

jenae waters said...

BUSTED! That is really funny. If it makes you feel better I forget sometimes too. Also we have a blog now check it out

Ericka said...

That's funny...the other night my husband said that someone was an idiot and Jackson turned to him and said, "Daddy, we don't say that word, only Lightening McQueen says that word!" Matt was like, thanks for calling me out on that!!